Thread: GUI coding, placing of objects

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    GUI coding, placing of objects

    Basically when I create a GUI I create one object (eg a textbox) on the main window (with CreateWindowEx) and at first I just guess the X/Y and width/height values, will compile and run, see how it looks then keep modifying it until I get it in a position that looks good, but then when I add some more things, I have to modify that objects position and the textbox's so it all fits right and looks good.
    When working with lots of them it gets very tedious and takes long. Is there an easier way to do this?
    I mean in VB6 you can just draw the stuff on the form and can drag stuff around, I'm not looking for something that easy but whatever.

    I'm coding in C using MSVC++ 6.0.

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    Visual Studio comes with a resource editor as well.
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    Thats one of the troubles with Win32 API, you have to keep testing, keep compiling.
    If you feel this is tiring, try using another library like wxWidgets.
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