Thread: GetClassLongPtr not found

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    GetClassLongPtr not found

    hi you good working helpers,
    i am using the SetWindowLong function and want to change it to GetClassLongPtr' for 64bit support but i get this error:
    `GetClassLongPtr' undeclared (first use this function)

    i had the same problem with SetWindowLongPtr yesterday, but thats works today - i changed nothing on that code, i just sleeped a while.
    i am using dev-cpp for compiling(i am writing with a texteditor and compiling with devcpp), it seems to be a little bit buggy - what can i do? it makes me sick changing the compiler everyday ... and i am not tired at the moment .

    mfg stev, berlin
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    aaarg GetWindowLongPtr not GetClassLongPtr ... such a fool. it works now. thread can be delete if you want.

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