Thread: How do i retrieve an X,Y CO_ORD

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    How do i retrieve an X,Y CO_ORD


    Could someone please tell me how i could retrieve an X,Y Co-ORD from the point where i right click my mouse on an MDI app, once ive right clicked the point on the window which i want a context menu will then pop up.

    What i want is to retrieve a co-ord from the click and then select an object from the context menu to insert at that point, i know how to create the context menu just not how to retrieve a co-ordinate from the right click at the same time.


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    Not to sure on what you mean but if it is the mouse coordinates you want when you click it . they are storend in the long parameter.
    POINT pts
    pts.x = LOWORD(lParam);
    pts.y = HIWORD(lParam);
    Hope this will help you

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    POINTSTOPOINT(ptsBegin,MAKEPOINTS(lParam));//get client point from points (int from short int)
    ClientToScreen(hWnd,&ptsBegin);//get in screen coods
    will also work

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