Thread: Displaying a picture on a dialog

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    Displaying a picture on a dialog

    In MSVC++6, what would I use to display an object on a dialog (which is the program) that displays picture files. I would need to be able to change what file it is displaying. (it's a picture viewer, folks).
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    Try LoadImage() in MSVC v6. In windows only bitmaps can be used. Other image formats can be used but need other libraries. try a search for other threads on this topic to find links to these libraries. ie GDI
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    Loading a bitmap to a dialog

    look in the help files for reference to this function.....

    HANDLE LoadImage(
    HINSTANCE hinst, // handle of the instance containing the image
    LPCTSTR lpszName, // name or identifier of image
    UINT uType, // type of image
    int cxDesired, // desired width
    int cyDesired, // desired height
    UINT fuLoad // load flags

    LR_LOADFROMFILE ...use this flag to load from file....

    there is a previous post about 2 weeks old or younger where a kid posted a demo.... of how to do this through the api,.....
    I am going to try it and post it if I accomplish it....

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