Thread: Resource question for dialog boxes.

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    Resource question for dialog boxes.

    I've seen several dialog boxes where they have a dividing bar similar in appearance to a MENUITEM SEPARATOR.
    I can't seem to find a referance to whatever this anywhere.
    Anyone happen to know what syntax I need to use this in a resource file?

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    I use a frame or picture ctrl. (in MSVC v6)

    Set its colour to 'etched' and shrink it down to a line.
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    To your question:

    Use Spy++, the small program in your MSVC package. You can examine any window opened on the screen, including child windows, find its properties, styles, window classes and so on.

    Your etched line is a window of STATIC class with these styles:



    Its size may be 350 x 2 pixels for example.

    I had used Spy++ and examined "About HTML help" dialog window in MSDN help program.

    That's all.

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