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    Creating a Windows program

    I want to make a Windows program that implements something like an alias. For example, it detects if I type "qqq" (three q's in a row) then replaces it with some text so that I can quickly type stuff out. So if I wanted "qqq" to mean "the quick brown fox", then after I type the third q, the program simulates backspace being pressed three times, and then simulates "the quick brown fox" being typed out. However, if I did something like q q <backspace> q q, then even though that would appear as 3 q's in Notepad or whatever, it wouldn't trigger the alias. I have a basic knowledge of C++. Is this program doable, and what resources should I look at to get started? Thanks for reading.

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    Yes, it is very doable. but I think you will find it pretty annoying. Look up keyboard hooks, and SendInput from the MSDN.

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