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    Angry Help To Beginner!

    I tried to compile first simple program with MS-Visual C++ and it returned me 2 errors.
    Please write me

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    Well the errors were obviously in the fredeshay.

    How do you expect us to fix the errors without the code. Nobody's gonna e-mail you just so you email them back the bad code - that's what the message board's for.

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    I tried to compile this code:

    #include <windows.h>

    int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow) {
    MessageBox (NULL, "Hello World" , "Hello", 0);
    return 0;

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    It compiles fine for me, make sure your trying to compile it as a windows program and not a console program. So check the settings on your compiler. I use borlands so i'm not sure how VC++ works.

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