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    Repainting Dialogs

    I have written an application which I use to measure equipment status overnight.
    When I am using the application during the day, all is well. However, sometimes when I return in the morning, the application seems to have changed the resolution in windows to some extent.
    My dialog application is the same size but, the selection down-arrows on my combo boxes change to a number 6, my combo boxes do not work correctly.
    When I minimise my application and look in Windows Explorer, the resolution and size of fonts have changed.
    When I close my application and reopen it, all is well again.
    Can anyone advise what the problem might be?

    Many thanks

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    Sounds like a GDI resource leak. Or you are selecting a font over the default windows font.(but that should show up all the time) As things get better after closing, allowing Windows to free the resources, sounds like a mem leak.

    Are you using
    CreatePen, Brush, CompatibleBitmap() ect

    without the Release or DeleteObject() or DeleteDC()

    You must ensure all HDC's are returned to the original state and deleted / released. All Created objects are deleted before the function ends. One pen / font / brush not deleted will do this given time.
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