Thread: Object Creation in thread function

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    Its entirely practical if you are writing a web server, I've written several network services that used no CRT. In fact, I'm at a loss as to what you would need that does require CRT. Perhaps you could provide an example of a gotta have it function that requires CRT.

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    No you haven't. You don't understand how much the CRT does for you. For example it calls the constructors of all your global objects for you. If you link with something called tinycrt then your global objects will not be constructed! What about new and delete, feel like implementing those yourself? I'm just warming up here. Trust me it's simply not practical.

    Anyway, you're totally reaching. It seems that the one you're trying to convince is yourself though. Serious Windows multi-threading programmers know that you should use _beginthread or _beginthreadex and not CreateThread.
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    I'm pretty god damned sure I'm more qualified to say what I have and haven't written than you.

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    Please keep the posts clean or I'll close the thread.

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