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    Me and My dad are networked together on a LAN under windows 98. I was wonder if anyone knows how to output text onto my dad's screen from mine. I want it to say HI DAD or something like that. If anyone knows of any libraries or website that conver this please let me know. I'm not sure if it'll make any difference or not but we use a router and are conceted through an ethernet card. I program mainly in C, but will accomidate for C++, I have bordland C++ 3.0 for windows and DOS, DJGPP, and Visual C++ 4.0
    Thanks for any help

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    There's a program in windows called "WinPopup" that's there so you can already do this Just make sure you both have it open at all times, or you won't get the message.

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    The thing is, my dad doesn't know that i'm going to do it, it's going to be like a surpise i guess you could say. Any help will still be apreciated.

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    3,227 is probably my favorite winsock tutorial. I have tons more, though...

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