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    Coordinate issues

    Ok, I've done my own listview edit box for editing subitems and such before, but I can't get it positioned right this time around. Last time, all I did was use LVM_GETSUBITEMRECT and position the edit box accordingly. This time, however, the listview is inside a groupbox on a tab. LVM_GETSUBITEMRECT isn't getting me what I need anymore. The damn edit box appears way outside the listview and groupbox. This is confusing as hell.

    			    case LSV_CS_BEGINEDIT:
    			        if (lvExEditedItem.Status) { MessageBox(NULL,"Already editing. WTF? (LSV_BEGINEDIT)","Error",0); break; }
    			        if (HIWORD(lParam) <= 0) { break; }
    			        char txtInput[20];
    			        LV_ITEM lvItem; memset(&lvItem,0,sizeof(lvItem));
    			        lvItem.iItem = LOWORD(lParam);
    			        lvItem.iSubItem = HIWORD(lParam);
    			        lvExEditedItem.iItem = lvItem.iItem;
    			        lvExEditedItem.iSubItem = lvItem.iSubItem;
    			        RECT lvEditRect; memset(&lvEditRect,0,sizeof(lvEditRect));
    	 = lvItem.iSubItem;
    			        lvEditRect.left = LVIR_LABEL;
    			        SendMessage(hExSearchList, LVM_GETSUBITEMRECT, lvItem.iItem, (LPARAM)&lvEditRect);
    			        SendMessage(hExEdit, EM_SETLIMITTEXT, 8, 0);
    			        SendMessage(hExSearchList, LVM_GETITEMTEXT, lvItem.iItem, (LPARAM)&lvItem);
    			        SendMessage(hExEdit, EM_SETSEL, 0, -1);
    			        lvExEditedItem.Status = 1;
    			    } break;

    EDIT: I think I solved it.
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    You need to be careful with 'client' coords [relative to the top left corner of the window/control]

    as opposed to screen or window coords [relative to the top left of the screen].

    ScreenToClient() or ClientToScreen() will be of help here.
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