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    Hi, everyone. I'm a newbie in C++. I have a program that create a simple dialog.

    // Filename: test31.CPP
    #include <afxwin.h>
    #include "Resource.h"
    class DialogApp : public CWinApp
    	BOOL InitInstance();	
    class CExoDialog : public CDialog
    	enum { IDD = IDD_DIALOG1 };
    	: CDialog(CExoDialog::IDD, NULL) /// May I replace IDD by IDD_DIALOG1?
    BOOL DialogApp::InitInstance()
    	CExoDialog Dlg;
    	m_pMainWnd = &Dlg;
    	return TRUE;
    DialogApp theApp;
    //End of test31.CPP
    //Filename: resource.h
    // Microsoft Developer Studio generated include file.
    // Used by Script1.rc
    #define IDD_DIALOG1                     101
    #define IDC_PROGRESS1                   1000
    #define IDC_IPADDRESS1                  1001
    #define IDC_EDIT1                       1005
    #define IDC_ANIMATE1                    1006
    #define IDC_SLIDER1                     1007
    #define IDC_BUTTON1                     1008
    #define IDC_CHECK1                      1009
    // Next default values for new objects
    #define _APS_NEXT_RESOURCE_VALUE        102
    #define _APS_NEXT_COMMAND_VALUE         40001
    #define _APS_NEXT_CONTROL_VALUE         1010
    #define _APS_NEXT_SYMED_VALUE           101
    When I replace IDD with IDD_DIALOG1, I get some errors:error C2589: 'constant' : illegal token on right side of '::'. Why?
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    You might want to describe what errors you got.
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