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    Which language

    I am 25 years old and have a BS in Computer Information Systems. I did mostly C++ programming and a little of everything else. I am in the IT field right now but havent had any programming experience. What language is HOT right now to teach myself to try to get an entry level programming job? Is there any certification i should get? I really want to get into programming but i dont have programming experience and every job i see you need at least a year or 2 experience. So i was wondering what would be the best route to take to get into programming?
    Thanks everyone

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    When I was looking for a new job, it looked like most of them wanted Java or C#, but unfortunately a basic understanding of Java isn't good enough since most want JSP, SOAP and all this other web crap.
    On the C/C++ side, it looks like most of them want more than just basic C/C++; they want MFC, .NET and lots of experience.

    I'd try to look for a QA job that has a lot of test harness development first, since they're usually easier to get if you don't have a ton of development experience. Then once you have x years experience with QA development, you can look for a regular development job.

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    Take a look at this: Microsoft - Careers

    "Required skills:

    Either excellent C/C++ or C# programming skills. A C/C++ developer with solid traditional
    Win32 programming skills but with no exposure to managed code is preferred."

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