Thread: <iostream> under "Windows programming"?

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    Question <iostream> under "Windows programming"?

    Hi all,
    when I build the "Windows application" (NOT "console application"), is there any reason to use the <iostream> library? Because that library works only with console (I think).
    And one more thing, the <iostream> library is probably one of the most famous libraries for beginning c++ programmers (and for advanced ones too), so wouldn't it be a pity just "throw it out" and not use it?


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    Some compilers, like code::blocks, can keep up a console windows even in windows programming, so you can still use it there. I agree that it would be a waste of a good library. I believe you could use the stringstream library to keep the iostream interface and put it into a string before printing it using windows.

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    No, <iostream> is pretty much useless in a non-console based application.
    <fstream> on the other hand is still quite useful.

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    Note that for debugging, you can actually open a console (AllocConsole) and then connect the standard IO streams to the console. It allows you to have both a Windows GUI application, and using printf/cout debug messages. In this case, either stdio.h, cstdio or iostream would be meaningful.

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    thank you all.


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