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    Question Common Dialog boxes GetOpenFileName()

    I've been looking at common dialog boxes, specifically how to open a file of a users choice.

    I'd like to have a function that I can call that returns me the path to the file the user chose.

    Here's what I have so far:

    char* openFile()
          OPENFILENAME ofn;       // common dialog box structure
          char szFile[MAX_PATH];       // buffer for file name
          // Initialize OPENFILENAME
          ZeroMemory(&ofn, sizeof(ofn));
          ofn.lStructSize = sizeof(ofn);
          ofn.hwndOwner = NULL;
          ofn.lpstrFile = szFile;
          // Set lpstrFile[0] to '\0' so that GetOpenFileName does not 
          // use the contents of szFile to initialize itself.
          ofn.lpstrFile[0] = '\0';
          ofn.nMaxFile = MAX_PATH;
          ofn.lpstrFilter = "All\0";
          ofn.nFilterIndex = 1;
          ofn.lpstrFileTitle = NULL;
          ofn.nMaxFileTitle = 0;
          ofn.lpstrInitialDir = NULL;
          // Display the Open dialog box. 
          if (GetOpenFileName(&ofn))
             MessageBox(NULL, szFile ,"File Chosen", MB_OK);  //This Line is important Call it line X
             return szFile;
          return "Error file choosen doesn't exist or no file was chosen";
    Called from main:

    int main()
        char result[MAX_PATH];
        strcpy( result, openFile() );
        MessageBox(NULL, result ,"File Chosen", MB_OK);
    This works just fine except for one little problem. If I remove the message box at line X then the open file dialog box never opens and the message box in main pops up empty. It's almost as if the message box in line x pauses code execution so a user can choose a file.

    Thanks for reading

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    Never mind It works fine.

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    The way I did it was to send the pointer of the string I want to contain the path to the file in the function call and return 0/1 based on whether or not a file was successfully chosen.

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    Shouldn't ofn.lpstrFilter be double null terminated.
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