Thread: VC++ OnPaint() problem

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    VC++ OnPaint() problem


    This may not be the best place for this type of discussion but still if anybody knows then help me!
    I am just trying to make a basic Paint like application. The problem is that when i draw rectangle selecting the rect tool from the toolbar it draws perfectly, but as i minimised and then maximise or just resize it the content of the window disappears! as the WM_PAINT message is received.

    I tried to use one approach i.e consider the whole client area as a bitmap but i need some standard approach to this approach. Please help me
    Thanks in advance!

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    Make your drawing to a memory dc and in the paint function, bitblt it to the paint dc. I've done this by making the memory dc a member variable of the window class, so it is persistant. This is basically storing the client area to a bitmap, as you suggested.

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