I wrote this little 'All-Purpose' Linked List... well i've been using it and testingit for a few months now... and its THE MOST USEFULL peice of code I've EVER written, I use it every day, every project, "every time". I suggest anyone that writes anything download it and at leaste try it! Its fast and has no bugs I know of, I will soon put it on my webpage, but for now, get it here!

This LinkedList uses void* pointers to make it truely "protable" between types of pointers, all you need to do is a little typecase (final version will not require this), and it works like a charm for any data you could psosibly need to store. And its all done by enumeration of nodes, so the user doesn't at ALL need to worry about saving and managing nodes...


P.S. NEVERMIND, available: http://www.shmeebegek.com soon!