Thread: Confused by '&' oparator

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    Confused by '&' oparator


    What is the '&' oparator in this statement?

    cxCaps = (tm.tmPitchAndFamily & 1 ? 3 : 2) * cxChar / 2 ;

    "reference", "bitwise" or "address of" operator?

    I think it cant be "reference" and "address of" because it wasnt declared.

    But if it "bitwise" oparator, where is the second argument?
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    It's a bitwise and, and the second argument is 1.

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    It is bitwise and. That parenthesized expression can be expressed as: ((tm.tmPitchAndFamily & 1) ? 3 : 2).
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    Thank you Matsp and Laserlight, i understand it now.

    What confused me was the missing parentheses inside (( tm.tmPitchAndFamily & 1) ? 3 : 2).

    Next time im gonna imagine it there if i see an expression like that.
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