Thread: developing a download manager

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    developing a download manager

    hey guys

    i want to develop a download manager for downloading multiple items from web sites, but to tell the truth... i have no idea where to start... i mean, i can make the gui but how can i make the connection to the web?
    now i realize this may be too much to ask, so i`ll be satisfied if someone can point me in the right direction. what do i need to learn to do this?


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    .net framework has easy methods of doing this.
    Check out the WebClient class.
    For multiple files at the same time you will probably want to start a new download on a seperate thread and report back progress to the form.

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    yes, i tihnk each download will have a thread of its own.
    thanks for the tip!

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    WinINet is easy, Winsock is flexible, there are tons of 3rd party libraries out there.
    You have many options.
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