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    Question offscreens

    umm three questions:

    1. Is this in the right section?

    2. Is offscreens even possible on windows?

    3. If the answer to question two is yes, can some1 plz post a good tut on them plz?

    i used to code on mac using the compiler code warrior but now i've switched over to windows and
    dev c++ but i dont know how to use offscreens on it.


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    Offscreens? You mean double buffering?

    To double buffer you need to construct a memory DC with the same bit depth as your current DC. You perform all operations such as writing text and drawing lines on the memory DC. At the end of your paint function you would then blit the memory DC to the actual window DC or client DC. You also must tell Windows to turn off it's default double buffering or your window will do very odd things when blitting.

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