Thread: merge proxy/stub code in ATL server

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    merge proxy/stub code in ATL server

    Hello everyone,

    What is the scene behind the option of merge proxy/stub code in ATL project? My confusion is, COM (in-process server) is a DLL, proxy is another DLL normally, how could two DLLs be merged into one DLL?

    thanks in advance,

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    how could two DLLs be merged into one DLL?
    I have even better and simplier question:

    How could 2 source-files be compiled into one exe? It is really something impossible to do...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
    Wow looks like he has a huge list of sites that he can sponge off of. From now on no answers till I see either code or the OP helping someone else out.

    George2 you have managed to garner the attention of all the moderators here. And it is not the 'good' type of attention. This is not just an answer board and we somewhat expect as new people gain knowledge that they in turn begin to help others. You haven't helped anyone and you obviously cannot read books or the internet because most of your questions are very simple and take about a couple of minutes to google.

    The fact that you are spamming other boards with your laziness is really irritating.

    Think of this board like a bank account. You can withdraw to a point and then you need to deposit something. As of right now your account is seriously overdrawn.

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