Thread: getting the document on one screen

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    getting the document on one screen

    i've created a document that is the size of an a3 page and does not fit into one screen. Do you know how I would fit it on one screen(so there would be no need for scrolling)?

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    There is very little information here to go on. If this document is a bitmap, or you can get it into one, then you can blit it to the screen device context using the StretchBlt() API which enable you to expand or compress images. Obiously, you will have resolution problems.

    Other scaling features you could investigate are ViewPorts/Mapping Modes, or WorldTransforms. I'm not sure if these are supported in the early versions of Windows.
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    Get the client area of your screen and use this as the destination.
    To improve the quality of the output use


    I use two DC's in my WIN32 API programs print preview.
    One is full size and one is screen size. They are both passed as a parameter to the functions that assemble the print. Information about the font sizes, line widths is also passed. ie a structure.

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