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    Dll Header

     #ifndef _DLL_H_
    #define _DLL_H_
    # define DLLIMPORT __declspec (dllexport)
    #else /* Not BUILDING_DLL */
    # define DLLIMPORT __declspec (dllimport)
    #endif /* Not BUILDING_DLL */
    DLLIMPORT void HelloWorld (void);
    #endif /* _DLL_H_ */
    Here is a standard devc++ header file for a dll.
    What does BUILDING_DLL mean and if I change the name of the header file to loop.h should i change _DLL_H_?

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    BUILDING_DLL would (one can presume) be set if the IDE thinks that it's currently building a DLL, as opposed to when it is USING an external DLL.

    It is considered good style to have some sort of relationship between the include guards and the filename [or rather, you don't want "loop.h" to prevent you from including a valid "dll.h" later on in life].

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