Thread: DirectX 9.0c Common Files folder

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    DirectX 9.0c Common Files folder

    Hi all,

    I have a quick question about DX9. I have recently started with it after a while using OpenGl, kinda trying to expand my knowledge base a bit. Anyway, I downloaded the DXSDK (June 2008) to my Vista Ultimate box and am working through a book to help me along. The book is also using DirectX9.0c.

    One of the entries is confusing me somewhat; the book tells me to search in the DXSDK folder for a folder called "Common" which will provide me with a framework app. My SDK folder doesn't seem to have this (or I'm looking in the wrong place). I'm looking in Program Files/Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2008)/Samples.

    Can somebody please tell me where to find these particular files:



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    I believe the common folder was removed from the recent SDKs. I'm not sure where the DXUT is located in the newer SDKs.

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    Those are probably a part of the framework the book is creating for you. If the book came with a CD or a website I would poke around there. I've found a number of authors do this without fully explaining what is going on.

    I can't remember a header off the top of my head in the SDK which is named D3DApp.h. Possibly in the examples folder with the Basic DirectX 9 window example. Stuck at work on a linux machine right now so I can't help out much.

    Out of curiosity which book are you going through?
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