Thread: difference in createfile()

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    difference in createfile()

    any one know what is the difference between NtCreateFile() and CreateFile() ??

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    Since the MSDN talks about the DDK in the documentation for NtCreateFile() I'm guessing you use NtCreateFile() when you're writing a driver and CreateFile() for normal programs. I didn't have time to read the whole documentation though.

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    why can't use the CreateFile() in drivers???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anuradh_a View Post
    why can't use the CreateFile() in drivers???
    Probably because it can create infinite loops. CreateFile() might call your driver, which then calls CreateFile() which calls your driver etc etc etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dictionary of Programming Terms

    Infinite Loop - see Loop, Infinite

    Loop, Infinite - see Infinite Loop
    NtCreateFile() directly creates the file.

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