I'm trying to draw a structure in Windows GDI within a certain clip path to verify the functionalities of my printer driver. However, I would like to confirm about whether my client application test code would be functional since I have been encounterring some problems with the clip path that I would like to isolate between the client application and the driver.

This is my clip region drawing function.
void RectDraw(HDC *hdc)
	BOOL success;
	int nX = 150; 
	int nY = 150; 
	DWORD dwRadius = 100; 
	float xStartAngle = 60; 
	float xSweepAngle = 60;
	HBRUSH hBrush;

	POINT points[] = {
		{1700, 1700},
		{2000, 2000},
		{2562, 1503}

	// set up the brush
	hBrush = CreateSolidBrush(RGB(44, 25, 64));

	// Begin Path
	success = BeginPath(*hdc);

	// Create a Path
	success = Rectangle(*hdc, 150, 150, 200, 200);

	success = EndPath(*hdc); 
	success = SelectClipPath(*hdc, RGN_AND);
The clip region drawing function is called before the pie path filling function, like as shown below:
PieDraw(&hDC);                                 // has shown to work
The clipping path function is implemented roughly according to the documentation on Windows GDI in MSDN. Any comments would be muchly appreciated.