Thread: Debugging and unhandled exception

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    Debugging and unhandled exception

    Hi. Currently when I launch my program it causes an unhandled exception and crashes, but everything works fine while debugging. I tried to tamper with the optimizations, but they are already off. What could be the reason for this?

    Is there any way to somehow debug my code? Which options should I change to be able to do so?

    Thanks, I can provide more information if needed.

    Using MSVC++2008

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    bad pointers.

    is this C/C++ or C#. MFC, ATL, STL, Win32 API?

    Could you post the code that is crashing?

    Have you tried running the debugger to find the line that crashes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overlord View Post
    Is there any way to somehow debug my code?
    Log progress to a file, narrowing the logged secions down until you find the cause.

    Exception handlers (try/catch)

    Message boxes.
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