Thread: calling convention stdcalll and cdecl call

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    calling convention stdcalll and cdecl call

    Hello everyone,

    Both stdcall and cdecl calling convention could support variable input parameters? Is that correct?

    (I think stdcall is using RET N and cdecl is using ESP - N, so both are capable to handle variable number of input parameter, like printf?)

    BTW: I have this question because I have something in mind that only one of them supports variable number of parameters, but after reading assembly language code, I think both of them are able to support this feature?

    thanks in advance,

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    No, stdcall can not support variable parameters, since the called function cleans up the stack. To do that, you need to know how much is passed on the stack when building the function, which, as you can probably figure out, printf() doesn't know when you compile printf(). You need to use cdecl for this purpose, so that the stack cleanup is done in the calling code.

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