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    input parameter debug

    Hello everyone,

    I an setting break point on some some system API, for example, CoInitializeEx. Here is the call stack I got from WinDbg.

    My question is, how to get the related assembly language before we call CoInitialize (e.g. preparing input parameter), I want to see how the parameters are prepared either in register or pushed on stack for function call CoInitializeEx.

    Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
    00000000`0012f7c8 00000000`023b6744 ole32!CoInitializeEx
    00000000`0012f7d0 00000642`7f5f84a6 vfbasics!AVrfpCoInitializeEx+0x2c
    00000000`0012f800 00000642`7f622fba mscorwks!Thread::SetApartment+0x8a
    00000000`0012f890 00000642`7f5ef820 mscorwks!SystemDomain::SetThreadAptState+0x7e
    00000000`0012f8d0 00000642`7f467d97 mscorwks!SystemDomain::ExecuteMainMethod+0x198
    00000000`0012fea0 00000642`7f482c24 mscorwks!ExecuteEXE+0x47
    00000000`0012fef0 00000642`7ee69ade mscorwks!_CorExeMain+0xac
    00000000`0012ff50 00000000`77d5964c mscoree!_CorExeMain+0x3e
    00000000`0012ff80 00000000`00000000 KERNEL32!BaseProcessStart+0x29

    thanks in advance,

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    So use the "u" command to disassemble the relevant bit of code (the call to CoInititalizeEx at 00000642`7f5f84a6 and CoInititalizeEx itself).

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