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    protocol of marshalling

    Hello everyone,


    Suppose using marshalling to transfer information from one apartment to another apartment, what communication protocol is used? HTTP? TCP? RPC?


    Is the communication secure? (Encrypted?)

    thanks in advance,

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    Hi George.
    When it's all within the same app then I imagine it just uses shared memory.

    When it's between different machines (and I would guess, also between processes on the same machine), then DCOM typically uses TCP through a range of available port numbers, though it can be configured to use SPX for example.

    DCOM is definitely unencrypted though. If you want it secure between two machines then you need to set things like the Authentication Level using "dcomcnfg" (Component Services) to something like "packet privacy" instead of "none", for your app, and perhaps set up IPSec between the PCs too.
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