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    Non modal Dialogs

    Ok this is somthing I can't seem to figure out.
    I work with VC++ . SDI and MFC.
    When I want to use a Dialog I create a Dialog resource, associate it with a Class and assign it a member variable like this
    CCustomDlg m_dCustomDlg
    When I want to open this dialog I just have to write
       if(m_dCustomDlg.DoModal == IDOK)
               Do fun things 
    This will open a modal dialog. My question is what do I do if I want to open this dialog box as a non modal dialog? Something that I can have open but don't "block" my main window from input.


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    non modal dialog

    then you must call its create function. Just make sure to declare within the scope that you want.... because if your declare within a function it will destroy at the end of that function...

    CCustomDlg m_dCustomDlg;

    m_dCustomDlg.ShowWindow( SW_SHOW ); //hide as necessary

    m_dCustomDlg.Destroy() when no longer needeed

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    Wow that easy, I feal stupid now. I been wasting to much time trying to find something like DoNonModal() heheheh
    Thanks zMan

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    From MSDN
    CMyDialog* pDialog;
    void CMyWnd::OnSomeAction()
       //pDialog initialized to NULL in the constructor of CMyWnd class
       pDialog = new CMyDialog();
       //Check if new succeeded and we got a valid pointer to a dialog object
       if(pDialog != NULL)
          BOOL ret = pDialog->Create(IDD_MYDIALOG,this);
          if(!ret)   //Create failed.
             AfxMessageBox("Error creating Dialog");
          AfxMessageBox("Error Creating Dialog Object");

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