Thread: Trouble with Windows/DirectX programming

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    Everytime you create an object (g_pDirect3D, g_pDirect3D_Device) you have to check if it has been created or if an error has occured.

    add this

    g_pDirect3D = Direct3DCreate9(D3D_SDK_VERSION);
    if (g_pDirect3D == NULL)
        MessageBox(hMainWnd, L"Error creating Direct3D object!", L"Error", MB_ICONERROR);
        return -1;
    and this

    g_pDirect3D->CreateDevice(D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT, D3DDEVTYPE_HAL, hMainWnd, 
    		D3DCREATE_SOFTWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING, &PresentParams, &g_pDirect3D_Device);
    if (g_pDirect3D_Device == NULL)
        MessageBox(hMainWnd, L"Error creating Direct3DDevice object!", L"Error", MB_ICONERROR);
        return -1;
    also leave

    from the WndProc function and insert them in WinMain, just above the instruction
    return 0;

    then insert this at the first line of the source file:
    #pragma comment(lib, "d3d9.lib")

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    Alright, thanks guys! Also, is #pragma comment allowed for me to add new libraries that way?

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