Thread: Static Locals VS Globals (Mem Location)

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    Static Locals VS Globals (Mem Location)

    I have quite a lot of variables which change/update as i repaint... I've opted to make all of these static locals instead of Globals... This forces my code to have quite a lot of "static" keyword in my WndProc() function... I'm starting to see some misbehavior in some of these variables... Or this could be some logic in my program.. Question is, would it be a problem to have too many static variables as oppose to local variables, or global for that matter.. Would i have some memory issues, not sure how statics are handles as far as memory is concerned

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    Static local variables and global variables should, in general, be placed in the same location in memory... at the very least, not on the stack.

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    static variables (whether they are local to a function or not) are the same as global variables - the only difference is that they are not made visible outside of their current scope (file or function [or class in C++]), so there's no problem with having five different variables called "lastEntry" in different places - in a regular global variable that would either turn into one variable or it would give linker errors for "Multiple symbols".

    There is no strict limit of the size of static variables - obviously, there will be some limit in all systems, but if you are using Windows, it would be feasible to have more than 1GB of data (depending on the settings of your system, the limit for one executable is 2GB or 3GB, minus a tiny bit for "admin purposes").

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