Thread: Ask a control for the "best fit" size?

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    Question Ask a control for the "best fit" size?

    How do I ask a control/window, such as an edit box, static text, button, etc., what is its "best fit" size - like, the size that it would appear decent at.

    Edit boxes, for example. How do I determine what height I should make them? Too tall, and there is a bunch of whitespace, too short, and the text in the box will get cut off. How do I determine this magic height at which an edit box will look normal?
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    At a guess....

    GetDC() of the edit.

    It should have a Font in the DC.

    Use GetTextExtent() to find the size of a given string within the edit.

    Inflate the size to account for a border.


    Resize control with MoveWindow() or SetWindowPos()
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