Thread: Help setting SHBrowseForFolder(...) root please

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    Help setting SHBrowseForFolder(...) root please

    I am using SHBrowseForFolder(...) to have the user select a folder. As you know, this function takes as an argument to configure it, a BROWSEINFO structure. I need to set as the root path, the current working directory. The field of the BROWSEINFO structure that specifies the root path requires an ITEMIDLIST containing the path. I can get the current working directory as a null-terminated string using GetCurrentDirectory(...):

    What I need to find:
    - some way to create an ITEMIDLIST from a null-terminated string containing a path


    - some way to directly create an ITEMIDLIST of the current working directory

    I can not find either. There is a function SHGetPathFromIDList to extract the path from an ITEMIDLIST and put it into a buffer as a null-terminated string, but I can not find a function similiar to go in the opposite direction.

    I would appreciate any suggestions. Surely there must be a simple means of doing such a common seeming task?


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    Interesting and well made point...

    So one Google search on ITEMIDLIST (first in list):

    Haven't tried it but it looks more than plausible. Could you let me know if it works for you (otherwise I might feel compelled to try it out myself).

    As an aside, maybe ms could have chosen a better name than
    ****EMID for the ITEMIDLIST member - although, on rare occasions, i've been caught in that very situation when the phone or doorbell rings.

    edit: it would appear that the profanity rules of this forum are in complete agreement.
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    It does work, yes.

    Rather embarrassing not thinking to check Google before I posted, it is. It hadn't crossed my mind; sorry.

    Thank you.

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    >>It does work, yes.


    >>Rather embarrassing not thinking to check Google before I posted<<

    Don't. I went to msdn first and found exactly what you had described: zero info. If you hadn't posted then someone else like me may well have asked the same question.

    And anyway, I got to write the correct name of win structure and watch as this site's profanity filters removed half of it! I'm easily amused...

    ****EMID - see, it did it again.

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