I'm trying to use the OpenPrinter function to obtain a handle as such with the appropriate initialization before calling the function:


	// initialize PRINTER_DEFAULT structure being obtaining printer handle
	// as mentioned in MSDN shown in http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms536027.aspx
	PRINTER_DEFAULTS pd_settings;

	pd_settings.pDatatype = NULL;
 	pd_settings.pDevMode = NULL;
	// set DesiredAccess to perform adminstrative tasks (i.e. permissions as indicated
        // in the MSDN documentation on PRINTER_DEFAULTS structure
	pd_settings.DesiredAccess = PRINTER_ALL_ACCESS;
if (!OpenPrinter(TEXT(",XcvMonitor Local Port"), 
					&printerHandle,	// phPrinter == printer handle received
					&pd_settings		// pDefault == information about administrative rights
		wcout << "Error Code = " << GetLastError() << endl;
		return FALSE;
However, I keep on getting an error saying I don't have the administrative rights even though the user is a computer admin on Windows operating system and I've set the permission settings in my code. I'm not what I'm misusing or missing. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.