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    C Windows Compiler

    Hi there, I've decided to switch from linux/gcc compiler in an attempt to try some win32 api coding in Windows. The only problem is I don't know of any good compilers, and I'd prefer not to have to dl Visual Studio or w/e because i'm capped and it'll take all year :P, thanks!

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    You can use gcc (for example gcc-mingw) on Windows too.

    Of course, if you are actually wanting to use GUI windows programming, Visual Studio is probably a better option - it's very slick and easy to use. There is a free (as in free of charge - not free as in Open Source) version called Visual Studio Express.

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    I second Visual Studio, but if you want other alternatives, here are some other IDEs:
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    I've had a good experience with PellesC and LCC-win32
    now I use gcc-mingw

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