Thread: typical operations of an installer

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    typical operations of an installer

    Does an installer in windows typically extract the dlls to appropriate system/application folders and registers them in the windows registry? I'm just wondering what would be a bare minimum with error checking mechanisms to get a working installer.

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    Installers vary from very simple (just copy a few files and install some static registry variables, to ones that have programmable plug-ins that the install-programmer can write code to do whatever is he/she feels like.

    It all depends on "what do you need to do to install the application".

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    I know what my installer is supposed to do (i'm installing a printer driver, which has a set of files that needs to be copied to a specific filepath, registered in the registry and added in the list of printers in printers and faxes management). I've gone through a few projects out there which has an installer component, but a lot of them seems to be overcomplicated to me, hence the question "simplest" methodology to get the installation job done.

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    Why not use a finished installer?
    NSIS is free and popular.
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    > NSIS is free and popular.

    And you can download its source and see for yourself how it performs the magic.

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