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    Reg Methods

    Hi, ive explored the MSDN and i don't quite seem to understand how it explains to write, read or delete reg entries. Could someone provide a simple explanation if at all possible on how to effectively use these methods? I'm mainly interested in HKCU. Thank you.

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    It's not that difficult.
    Step 1: Start with RegOpenKeyEx. Pass HKEY_CURRENT_USER as first argument. The second argument is a C-string to the key in the registry you want to open. Third argument should be 0. Fourth argument depends on what you want to do. Typically you want KEY_READ to read something from the registry or KEY_WRITE if you want to write something to the registry. Final argument is a pointer to a HKEY variable, which will contain the information about the opened key.
    Step 2: RegQueryValueEx (read) or RegSetValueEx (write) or RegDeleteKey, RegDeleteTree, RegDeleteValue (all delete).
    Step 3: Close key with RegCloseKey.

    Study the documentation a little more, and look up those functions and should get the hang of it.
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    Check in the Windows forum...

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    Oh... registry methods, not regular expression methods.

    *Moved to Windows programming forum*
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