Thread: Access Function in Child Window From Parent Window

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    Access Function in Child Window From Parent Window

    I have a SDI application where my Child is a Listview control. How do I access the listview class from the parent window class? I have tried everything. Messages didn't work, but I may have been doing it wrong.

    I am using MFC, VS2008 Pro. And if this helps, here is an example of what I am working with. If you have the new MFC feature pack, create a new project with the Visual Studio interface style, menu bar (not ribbons), single document (sdi), navigation (outlook bar), and the main document is a listview.

    What I am trying to do is have a user select a folder in the CMFCShellTreeCtrl (which is part of the parent window/class), then click a button or select a menu item, and call Cmylistview::foo() which is the child.

    Please don't flame, I have looked up and down google and have not found anything that answers this question. I am guessing it is a trickier process than simply sending a message which is why I couldn't find an answer.


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    I'm not sure if an mfc wrapper exists for EnumChildWindows but that api function and the corresponding EnumChildProc should provide what you need.
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    Thank you Ken for replying.

    As for the rest of you ladies who didn't bother to chime in, I found the answer...And it was a DAMN easy one. Well, not for a MFC newb like myself.

    CIMGOPTView is my main view in my SDI. wndTree is my Shell Tree Control. ScanRemote() is a function in my view class.

    HTREEITEM filehnd = m_wndTree.GetSelectedItem();
    CString str;
    m_wndTree.GetItemPath(str, filehnd);
    CIMGOPTView * view = (CIMGOPTView *)GetActiveView();
    if(view == NULL)

    I tried everything from:

    CIMGOPTView* i = dynamic_cast<CIMGOPTView*>( this );


    SendMessage(ID_STARTSCAN,0,(LPARAM)str.GetBuffer(s tr.GetLength()));

    And even shared variables between classes. And all it took was a simple bit of code that any experienced MFC programmer should be familiar with.

    Sorry if I am coming off sounding like a dick, but I don't have many hairs left on my head after this one troubleshoot. Do a search and tell me if you come up with this answer. I had to dig through source code examples all day to find this.

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    I never really use SDI/MDI so I wouldn't know. Kind of depends on what type or projects you do.
    The only thing I can say from experience is that you can use generic methods to find your child (ie, FindWindow, EnumChildWindows), then construct the appropriate class object and call attach. But this is with dialogs. I have no idea if it works with SDI/MDI.
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