Thread: I need speciefic beniefts of learning C

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    I need speciefic beniefts of learning C

    dear sir,
    first i must thank you for this huge wonderfull work. I found here answers for many questions I had, However there's one speciefic question which need speciefic answer,please.
    I use visual basic essentially for my work, while i have good idea about pascal and fortran too. Many people adviced me to learn the C/C++ language which ll be much mroe effective for my work.
    I need your advice concerning on the basic beniefetes I ll gain by using C/++ , in comare to visual basic.
    Thank you for your time and your co-operating.

    moemen ahmed

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    C/C++ is more flexible and has more power. If you rely on speed in your programs, C/C++ can muster almost ten times faster execution speed.

    If you plan to use VB.NET, it's not much of a concern, as all .NET languages have roughly the same execution speed.

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    >>If you plan to use VB.NET, it's not much of a concern, as all .NET languages have roughly the same execution speed.

    So VB in .NET has sped up or C/C++ in .NET has slowed down?
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    all the .net languages compile to the same intermediate language kind of like java compiles to bytecode that is run on a virtual machine so therefore all the .net languages will eventually run their code at the speed of the interpreter for the .net intermediate language.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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