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    INI 64kb limit

    Does anyone know how to write to an INI file even when its over 64kb, is there a function in the API to do this?

    Im current using WritePrivateProfileString and

    Is that anyway this can be done?

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    From msdn (WritePrivateProfileString/GetPrivateProfileString):

    "This function is provided for compatibility with 16-bit Windows-based applications. WIn32-based applications should store initialization information in the registry. "

    An INI file is a text file. There should be no limit to its size other than dictated by available memory.

    You aren't doing this within an edit control are you? The reason I ask is that the upper limit for an edit control is 64kb. A rich edit control can be made 'bottomless'.

    If you still want to write an ini file then perhaps you should consider dumping WritePrivateProfileString/GetPrivateProfileString in favour of your own DIY read/write file procedure.

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