Thread: [C] change picture width and height in Static control (no MFC)

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    [C] change picture width and height in Static control (no MFC)


    we are using Visual C++ 6.0.
    we are making a Win32 program with a Dialog Box (resource). in the Resource Editor, we added a picture in this Dialog Box, which is a Static control, named IDC_STATIC.
    the problem is that, everytime we add a picture - icon file, BMP - in the dialog box, the resource editor doesn't let us resize it, if not by changing the size of the actual picture file.
    the question is: by code, how can we resize a Static control that contains a picture?

    thank you in advance.

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    If I recall correctly, no. Resizing the static will crop the image or leave blank areas.

    I load the image into a memory DC and redraw the image (in WM_PAINT) as required using StretchBlt().


    I change the size of the actual image before adding to the control.
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