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    Win Xp firewall detection

    Hi there, I am trying to retrieve the current state of the Windows XP firewall in my program. I can do it fine for the local firewall settings, however I don't know how to retrieve it when the PC is in a domain with a GPO setting for it.

    Here is a snippet of my code: I can determine when the firewall profile is of type NET_FW_PROFILE_DOMAIN, but how do I retrieve it? in MSDN I can only see a method to retrieve the local one.

    HRESULT CFirewall::WindowsFirewallInitialize(OUT INetFwProfile **fwProfile)
     *fwProfile = NULL;
      // Create an instance of the firewall settings manager.
      hr = CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(NetFwMgr), NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, __uuidof(INetFwMgr), (void **)&fwMgr);
        ShowError("CoCreate Instance failed.", hr);
      hr = fwMgr->get_CurrentProfileType(&fwPType);
      //if(fwPType == NET_FW_PROFILE_DOMAIN) //domain type get its settings
      // Retrieve the current firewall policy.   Local or Domain
      hr = fwMgr->get_LocalPolicy(&fwPolicy);  //this will retrieve the local policy only, how do I get the Domain based profile instead?
        ShowError("Get local policy failed.", hr);
      // Retrieve the firewall profile currently in effect.
      hr = fwPolicy->GetProfileByType(fwPType, fwProfile);
        ShowError("Get current profile failed.", hr);

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    >> //this will retrieve the local policy only, how do I get the Domain based profile instead?
    The INetFwProfile instance returned by fwPolicy->GetProfileByType() - isn't its Type property also NET_FW_PROFILE_DOMAIN? If so, then you've got your domain-profile-type instance.

    Quote Originally Posted by MSDN
    Instances of [INetFwPolicy] are retrieved through the LocalPolicy property of the INetFwMgr interface.
    That looks like the only place you can get a INetFwPolicy instance. It doesn't look like INetFwPolicy needs to have multiple instances, since a single instance can get you any profile type.

    What is intersting however, is that there's a documented NET_FW_POLICY_TYPE enum but there's no method or property tha uses that type....


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