Thread: docking bar for window desktop screen

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    docking bar for window desktop screen

    i did download opensource of docking bar, building is fine.
    i made a docking bar in window desktop to use this, but it isnt running in vista well.
    to be more precise, if i click title bar and move, docking window did not on vista.
    can you tell me why it happened or give me another opensource?
    thanks in advance.

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    Well, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if things like that don't entirely work in Vista. I don't know of any offhand, but you could try to find a fix yourself, or find out from the devs if they plan on adding Vista support, if they haven't already.

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    You didn't say what the error was, what went wrong, what you expected, what the package was, or anything to help narrow down the problem besides that it doesn't run on Vista.

    Try the package support. If it has a mailing list or a forum, try asking them. They would know the software better than us, probably.

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    thanks robwhit
    my app was developed using ATL, but the problem is i dont know well about it.
    i did solve some problems (like processing Message) but it complex problem how to integrate with MFC library so i try to develop in MFC again.
    then working is fine in winxp but not in vista.
    i explain about exactly problem on first post.
    so i wanna get new opensource for docking bar for using MFC.
    thanks for reply.

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