Thread: Asynchronous sockets?

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    Question Asynchronous sockets?

    I had a question. Can someone let me have an example program using WSAAsyncSelect(...) and things like:

    case FD_READ:
    // code

    I would like to use it for a program I am making.


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    try looking at this
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Nice tutorial. He glosses over the FW_READ though. Little harder than that in most cases.

    Need to know what type of data and how much you are expecting, before sending the data to be processed.

    ie a chat program.
    If only half the text is recieved in one read what do you do? How do you know you only have half?

    You could send the size of the data first (as a long or int) and read this first, when the actual data starts arriving must wait for all to arrive and then can send it to the screen.
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