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    Question ncurses and windows

    I wasn't entirely sure where to post this, but I guessed here was the best place, but if not, I apologise.

    Anyway, I was wondering what libraries are there which does the same thing that ncurses does, but for windows instead of Linux? As far as I can tell, it seems to be limited to Linux. I was thinking of doing some work with them.

    According to wikipedia conio.h can be used to create a TUI interfaces, which I do understand using since its member functions are to do with keyboard input, for example kbhit() and getch(), but it doesn't seem to help when it comes to actually making the menus etc, for that (as far as I can tell) you still need to use loops etc and do all that 'the old fashioned way', so in terms of support as far as the graphical element of a TUI goes, there doesn't seem to be any in conio.h. That then makes me ask the question, how much graphical support for TUIs does ncurses provide?

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    pdcurses is like ncurses for windows.

    Don't use conio.h if you can help it. It's ancient.

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    Thank you. I will investigate further.

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    I've been using PDCurses with MinGW with Code::Blocks. Works great. I've written two programs and I'll be adding them to my site soon enough.
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