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    I have used makefiles with Linux. You just name a file makefile, then you call make from the terminal and it will compile your source files. But how can you do the same in windows? When I try to use the command make in the command prompt, it says that make isn't a command. I guess I will have to install some program called make. Or is it called something else in window? Does it come with any program, like gcc or g++? I tried to find an installation file for gcc or g++ for windows, but I didn't find any windows executable file, and I don't know how to compile from source, can someone guide me to do that? And does the makefiles in windows have to have an special file ending?

    By the way, I also downloaded cygwin, but I'm not sure of t's function. I chose to install gcc and g++, how do you run them? Where are they installed, can I run them without using cygwin? Is there some package manager for cygwin so you can search for packages? I have also heard that you can emulate a linux distributin under cygwin. Is that possible? Can I for example download an ubuntu image file and emulate it? If so where can I find it?
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    A lot of your questions are well-suited for a search engine. The phrase "make utility" comes to mind. Also, things like MinGW come with a make (so does Borland and others), so perhaps your toolchain already provides such a beast. I believe cygwin has documentation.
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    I have installed MinGW with both gcc, g++ and make. Still the command doesn't work, even after rebooting my computer. Do I have to register make as a command or something? Does the program make have to be in any specific folder?
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    Did you set the system path to point to the bin directory of MinGW?
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