Thread: How to obtain MAC address under the win32?

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    How to obtain MAC address under the win32?


    I'm a programmer and I need to find out how to obtain MAC address on win32. I alrady know, that I can't do it using ioctl() function like on linux.

    I found this thread on forum: I use linux on my desktop and I don't know widnows enviroment too good. I'd like to know if this method works in all modern Windows releases (XP, 2003, Vista and 2008). Also I want to know if in registry I can found MAC addresses of all installed network interfaces. At the end please tell me if all users in windows systme can read the registry? Is user with non administrator privilieges able to obtain such information from registry?

    thx for help!

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    So there are even functions for doing this in winapi ths for hep!

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