Thread: Cant find right Message handle.

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    Cant find right Message handle.

    I want to display an image right after the dialog is drawn and keep it for like 3 secs (an intro).

    I know how to do everything but i can't find a message that is sent when the MFC dialog is displayed, "NOT" about to display.

    I can show messages and stuff after dialog has been created by calling this->ShowWindow(TRUE); in OnInitDialog(),
    but i cant display an image after the dialof has been displayed untill Return true has been called.

    so, is there a way to display an intro after the dialog has been created?

    so,can any one help xD?

    Help will be appreciated.

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    Windows specific so moved to Window programming.

    Your dialog should get a WM_PAINT/OnPaint message when it needs to be drawn - perhaps initiating your timed image there may be of some use.

    If this is just intended as a 'splash screen' then you'd just generally show it and destroy/hide it once the time interval had elapsed. In this context, starting the display in OnInitDialog would be fine and terminating it in whatever timer you're using (eg WM_TIMER, SetTimer) would be sufficient.
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    To show a splash/login screen in my apps I intercept the OnCreate() (OnInitDialog() for dialogs).

    Create the splash screen as a popup dialog, show the splash dlg on screen (while hiding the main window) and set a timer (or wait for login).

    When the timer elapses (or login is validated) I destroy the splash screen dlg and show the main window.
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